Jun 5

emotions come and go… memories don’t.

emotions come and go… love doesn’t.

Love is not an emotion, it is our natural selves; a default.

Let True Love therefore be the first decision maker.

Wag kang maniniwala sa negative na sinasabi sayo ng tao. Walang kwenta ang opinyon ng iba kung hindi ito makakatulong sayo. Brush it off.

My place. Welcome to my place 🌍♥️⛵️🌴

My place. Welcome to my place 🌍♥️⛵️🌴

Jan 4
Hello dear followers! I love you, I miss you.

Hello dear followers! I love you, I miss you.

Jan 3

Kuya Robi pwede bang mg pa shout out sa twitter ?


Jan 3

HELLO KUYA ROBI! Ako po yung nag DM sayo dati na may ipapabasa ako sayo na blog (di mo na siguro natatandaan) Kaso di ko na sinend yung link kasi boring siya tsaka kalandian ko lang naman yun. Anyway..

hahaha!! It’s okay! I hope you are doing great! Okay lang ang kalandian, that’s normal. In right amounts.

Jan 3

KuyaRobi Panu ba suyuin ang mga lalake ? Kasi nag selos po kc xa dati di ko naman kc alam n may gusto sya sken , Eh ako may gusto ako sa kanya kaya nagsasabi ako sakanya ng Crush kong lalake.. tapos tutuksuin nya ako hangang sa ayun nalaman ko nagseselos pala sya deep in side ... di na nya ako pinapansin ngayon =(


Suyuin ang isang guy? Simple lang yan… Wag mong pansinin. Just practice the value of self-sufficiency. You don’t need guys who don’t give attention to you. Love yourself more. Then that guy will run after you. Sure thing!

Jan 3

ano magandang gawin para tuloy tuloy ang convo with guys? hekhek. :)


Hi Anon,

Tips to have great conversations with guys? One thing… Just ask about something that interests the guy you want then let him talk, talk and talk… And then you just listen… When the guy asks you what your ideas are, always answer honestly. But the most important thing is, GIVE A LISTENING EAR, make it to a point that “as if” you are so interested with his life and stories. You’ll surely get good points!

Jan 3

Confidence: Helping Yourself To Achieve Confidence

Are you confident as an eagle or fearful as a chicken? You do not want to be fearful and be a loser during your entire life. NOW is the time to embrace the new you. Courage is a choice, choose it.

Immovable confidence is a sense of being certain everybody desires. The only way to summon confidence even in circumstances that may seemingly be overwhelming for one is through FAITH. Faith in the Creator and Faith in oneself. In order to be confident, one must be able to tap the “power within.”

What is then the “power within?” Power within is the “child in you.” Try to remember when you were still a child, you were carefree, confident and full of Life! You were confident that no matter what happens you were always provided. You were at your peak! But what happened? As you were growing, the society led you to believe in the fallacy of fear, anxiety and doubt which gave birth in turn to yet another fallacy of lack, mistrust and low self-esteem. They started telling you that “in order to be… you must… you must… do these and that…” Lo and behold! You entered a rigid world where fear is the primary driving force and not joy. You lost confidence.

Is it too late to gain back the confidence that was lost? No! It never left you, it is inside you - sleeping. All you have to do is to generate a sort of a cleansing program. Removing the false beliefs and notions about life will certainly certainly awaken that POWER WITHIN! That child in you who is spontaneous, fearless and most notably, greatly IMAGINATIVE!

Just believe. Is it too hard for you to believe that confidence is one of your birthrights along with wealth, health and prosperity? Practice confidence by using it not sporadically but constantly. Start by telling yourself that you deserve “confidence.” Say the words “Confidence, Courage” whenever you feel fearful or anxious. Verbalizing the words related to confidence will help you counteract the negativity. Remember, one positive thought is more powerful than one hundred negative thoughts! 

Your subconscious has a role to play. If you affirm “I am confident” but your conscious mind says “oh that’s stupid, I know you, you are fearful, more fearful than a chicken!!!” It won’t help you. It is better to say the words “Confidence, Courage” rather than lying to yourself. With saying these words, you summon their powers without causing resistance. By doing this constantly, your subconscious mind will start to believe you and make an imprint as part of you.

There’s good news! Your subconscious mind welcomes all thoughts you feed it. You fed it with negativity so your attitude is full of negativity, now FEED it constantly with positivity and it won’t take 30 days of constant “mind feeding” until you can say, “It’s evident, I am changing!” At that point, when you say “I am confident and courageous!” It is already truth. You will notice that the things that scare you do not affect you anymore! You’ll have a smile telling yourself how chicken you were prior to your transformation.

Start now. People don’t like changes even it is for their own good because when there is change, there is a little bit of discomfort, and they would rather suffer the things they long suffered from rather than taking another brief discomfort while changing and embracing new beliefs. Be willing to sacrifice some effort in order for you to CHANGE! Waste no more time, decide now and tell yourself, “In 30 days, I am a completely different person, and I am changing NOW!” Just start now!

Affirmations for you:

Let us start with releasing and letting go of current “unconfident” you…

  • "I let go of the past, I let go of the fearful me. I let go of any resistance to positive changes. I let go of my fear, doubts and anxieties. I embrace the new ME. The ME who is complete and confident."
  • "I consciously release and let go of the past and live only in the present. I embrace each moment and I am thankful of it!"
  • "I release the need to please others, I let go of my pleasing attitude. I do not need any attention from others. Instead, I embrace the confident me who does what is good and beautiful that will bring joy and peace into my life. I know that when I do this, I will be certainly happy and confident"
  • "I let go of the feelings of losing, lack and poverty. I now embrace the thoughts of winning, succeeding and becoming more and more prosperous!"
  • "I let go of the fear to talk with others. I now understand that I am who I am and I am not beneath nor above anyone or anything. I am full expression of ME, the confident and loving me, and I love it!"

More helpful articles and affirmations to come!

Doing affirmations Tip: Do affirmations as much as you can until you get sick of them! When that moment wherein you need no affirmations and the desired behavior is evident, you have achieved your purpose!

Hoping for you great confidence and courage,

Twitter: @jayrobby 

Photo credits: Aj Harbinger, thanks!

Oct 8

NEVER EVER SCARE YOURSELF. If you love yourself, just don’t scare yourself.

Pessimists (Negative thinkers) use pessimism as a shield. Pessimism is a damaging strategy to attempt to protect oneself from pain of failed expectations. However, pessimism, as said to be very damaging, it makes you “scared in advanced” anticipating the future pain. Note that the pain is still not there, but a pessimist already feels it as if it’s real. I call this “sadism”, and sadism is a big psychological problem. Are you a sadist? Do you want to hurt yourself? A normal person will say NO! Remember, my tip on loving yourself? NEVER EVER SCARE YOURSELF. If you love yourself, just don’t scare yourself. Case-closed.

Therefore, why choose the miserable path of life of a pessimist while there is a better choice? The better choice is to be an OPTIMIST. An optimist sees all things as opportunities to grow and learn. An optimist does not fear or even avoid pain, they just choose to accept life as a wonderful journey than a miserable one.

You can not say that you have “faith” if you are a chronic worrier. Even the bible prohibits worrying as a bad practice, for this shows lack of trust to the Creator. To prove that you have a strong faith, choose “active and relaxed faith”, that is to be relaxed with firm countenance that GOD IS IN CONTROL, and He only has the best for us!